Green Tip of the Week: Night Time Laundry

Many people do not know that it is a) cheaper and b) better for the enviroment to use your household appliances between 9pm and 8am.

To explain it very simply (but not necessarily a 100% accurately) it works like this: Power stations need to operate 24/7 at a minimum level, let’s say 60% efficiency. However, the demand at night time is say only 40%.  This means, that a whole 20% of energy is wasted during the night – energy which has to be produced during the day to meet day time demand.

So.. if you wash you clothes etc during the night, you are using some of that wasted night time energy whilst reducing day time demand. Many energy companies reward you for using night time energy at lower rates. Check your bills!

I hope that made sense!

Now the only problem is for those of you that want to be considerate to neighbours…. eeek.


I am also entering this in the British Gas Smart Challenge

Smart Mums Badges

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8 Responses to Green Tip of the Week: Night Time Laundry

  1. Great tip *rushes off to switch off washing machine*!

  2. Tracy Dixon says:

    I great tip and one that I wish I could use. unfortunately our machine is in an old lean-to that is not at all sound-proof and I think it would wake half the neighbourhood!
    I now wash almost everything at 30 degrees so I hope that I do my bit that way..

    • goodlife says:

      Yes, “noise pollution” is the only down side :-( but washing at 30C is a huge energy saving effort too! So good on you!

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