Nothing Quite Like Homemade Bread (with a little bit of help)

I do have to say that I am rather partial to baking… I am not sure why. Maybe because many people don’t bake that much anymore and when you do bake, it is usually appreciated.

I have tried baking my own bread on many an occassion… but soon discovered that my bread making skills are limited. I think it s a patience thing – how long to leave things to rise… etc. So I gave up.

And then…. I was offered my brother’s 2nd hand breadmachine. It transformed our lives. for four years now, we have ONLY eaten homemade bread (I kid you not, no shop bought loaf has crossed the threshold of our house unless the neighbours brought some to a BBQ). And we have never looked back.

Fresh. Low salt (we avoid salt usage in our bread baking). You know what is in it. Delicious.


And then… we received his AMAZING Premium Plus Stainless Steel Breadmaker from Morphy Richards, as part of the House Proud Innovator scheme. And I have to say, it is he Ferrari of breadmaking machines. Our basic (old) machine of course is fine.. but this one.. well… it is just so much more exciting:

1) For starters it has  a little window – so you can check the progress of your loaf. It has happened on a number of occasions, when we have ruined a loaf, by forgetting to put the paddle in properly. No more… as you can take a peak.

2) We also love the collapsible paddle – for those in the breadmaking know –  you will know that there is a paddle in the machine that kneads your dough. This paddle stays in place throughout the baking and leaves you with a big “wedge” or hole in your bread. The Morphy Richards machine, does not.

3) We also love the little seed dispenser – so now we can have seeds or nuts sprinkled on top of our loaf. Perfect.

With 19 programmes to choose from and a booklet of 50 recipes… who will ever want to buy a loaf again? Set your timer… and when you wake up, fresh bread for breakfast.

As we use no salt, our loaves do go stale quicker, so we slice them up and freeze them for toast. Perfect all round.

Big thumbs up!


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