The Food Challenge

I am challenging myself to try out new recipes with the kids each week! Lucky for me, I recently met Laura and Nazima – both fabulous foodie bloggers. Laura blogs at How To Cook Good Food. Nazima at Working London Mummy.

This week I tried her Chicken Pie Recipe. Yum. Pip Squeak adored it and Red Ted was “fine” with it (which is good).

With the left over pastry I made sugar and cinnamon swirls which went down VERY well!

What are you making this week?

I will be trying one of Nazima’s recipes!!

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6 Responses to The Food Challenge

  1. So pleased to hear your baking of the chicken pie was a success. Very clever use of the left-over pastry trimmings too! My kids are mad about playing with raw pastry and bread dough. Think it’s the silky texture they love. Keeps them busy for an hour or two, especially last year with all the days we had stuck in the house after heavy snow falls :-}
    I have a great recipe for duck pancakes if you ever need another meal idea….

  2. goodlife says:

    Duck pancakes?! Wow! That sounds great!!

  3. We try to do new meals each week yet we always end up eating the same foods, while I am a picky eater the kids tend to have different tastes and while one likes one thing another dislikes it.

    The chicken pie sounds rather a tempting idea…

    • goodlife says:

      Definitely good to try new things, keep things interesting and the children tasting new things!

  4. Mari says:

    You threw me with your spam protection sum there! I hate maths and actually panicked :)
    Loving your food challenge, with twin 3 and a half year olds I have found they are using words such as ‘yucky’ and refusing meals without tasting (don’t you just love preschool?) So I have started cooking more with them and getting them involved too which they LOVE. I have started up a Foodie Friday link up on Mari’s World where I hope to bring together lots of family fun recipes too and get some great ideas too!

    • goodlife says:

      Hahaha yes, I forgot about the sum protection thingy. I may take it off! Thanks for the foodie invite, will come and link :-)


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