Fair Trade for Kids

Well, you know we love a bit of Fairtrade “stuff” here on The Goodlifebloggers! Fairtrade is a great way to make sure you get quality items, whilst ensuring that the people who made or produced them are paid and treated properly. In my eyes it is a no brainer. I also think it is very important to for us to teach our kids about fair trade – the best way is to lead by example, buy fair trade products and tell them about where they come from.

So I am pleased to find these wonderful Christmas items from Traidcraft – to keep the kids happy this year.

There is a wonderful set of kids products that are fairtrade, which would make great Christmas presents or stocking fillers! Anything from cuddly toys and dolls, to pens and notebooks, trucks, breakfast sets and backpacks. You are bound to find something you like and be able to purchase it knowing that the people who made it benefit.

I also rather love the Nativity Sets. I am rather partial to nativities – they form such a central part of Christmas, and we love setting ours out during our Advent celebrations. Making sure that Baby Jesus only arrives on the 24th December. It makes Christmas magical and special and the children always love waiting to see him “appear”. We also keep the 3 Kings back. On the 24th December, they appear on the other side of the room and as the 12 days of CHristmas progress, they slowly make their way to nativity, appearing on the 5th/6th Jan for 3 Kings Day. Which we love to celebrate with a special 3 kings day cake and figurines.

Ah the magic of Christmas indeed! Check out our top 10 Christmas movies to get you into the festive spirit!!

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