Make your own Wrapping Paper

One way for us to live a little (!) greener, is for us to combine our kids crafts with something practical. The kids love nothing more than drawing and printing on TONS of paper.. so these easy DIY wrapping paper ideas were a no brainer for us.. This week’s wrapping paper idea is perfect for preschoolers and young children: we had a go with Cookie Cutters (such a prefect classic printing craft for younger kids). (Keep reading and you can win some nifty Scotch Products).

DIY Wrapping Paper

Materials: roll of white or brown paper (ideally already made from recycled materials), paint and cookie cutters

We use 3 different sized cutters and one for each colour (to avoid a brown smudge at the end.

This paper needs to made ahead of wrapping and then let dry… Check out our DIY Wrapping paper video – which shows you how we made the paper, but also how the wonderful people from Scotch helped us wrap our presents. I am a total hand band dispenser convert!:

A bit of info on the Hand Bands:

Refill Pop-Up Strips are available in packs of 3 pads, with 75 strips per pad, meaning up to 65 presents can be wrapped with one refill pack. With so many chores to be done to make the festive season complete, let Scotch Pop-Up Tape give you a helping hand this Christmas.

The nifty Scotch Pop-Up Tape Hand-band comes in three fun colours – pink, silver or blue.

The Scotch Pop-Up Tape range is available at leading supermarkets and stationery stores. The Scotch Pop-Up Tape Hand-band Dispenser has an RRP of £2.49, whilst a pack of Scotch Pop-Up Tape Dispenser Refills, containing three tape pads, has an RRP of £2.69. Many retailers will be offering promotional pricing this Christmas, see in store for details.

For more information on Scotch products, as well as quick and easy wrapping ideas and tips, visit

Fancy getting your hands on a hand dispenser with refills.

I have three of these dispensers + refills to giveaway.

Simply leave a comment below, telling us what your top wrapping tip is? How do you make your gifts wrapping special or perfect?

In the meantime.. Scotch Tape has 8 mystery prizes worth up to £150 to give away  in the run up to Christmas.. you will need to visit their Facebook App, then pop back every few days and check for a clue that you need to answer correctly. And here is the first one to start you off. Come back and find the others on Red Ted Art – either in the post or the comments or on  Red Ted Art’s Facebook or Google+.

Week 1 – I’m the smallest member of my family (one billionth); fit in the palm of your hand and can hold tunes a plenty!

Submit your guess here: Facebook App

T& C (for the pop up wrist bands):

1) Open to the UK only

2) Competition closes on 20 November 2012 date at 11pm

3) Winners will be selected at random

4) Delivery of the prize is the responsibility of 3M and not The Goodlife

Thank you for stopping by and entering!


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60 Responses to Make your own Wrapping Paper

  1. Mrs C Corrin says:

    I use florist ribbon, shredded to different widths and make lots of curlies, people always comment on our presents, some people even ask us to wrap there presents for them, as though I have nothing better to do at Christmas

  2. Laura says:

    Cut your tape before you start and line it up on a solid edge nearby so you can grab and apply with one hand. I like to hand make the labels to make presents special.


    Brown paper is often stronger than wrapping paper, & when combined with some string & a sprig of holly or handmade tag, it is sure to get your present noticed under the tree.

  4. Amanda Hurst says:

    I put my presents in gift boxes with tissue paper, then wrap them in paper with a ribbon on top…..and no-one can guess what is inside :-)

  5. Jayne says:

    Using ribbon to finish a present always makes the smallest gifts look special

  6. Heather Haigh says:

    Get someone else to do the actual wrapping while you do the fancy bows and tags – much more fun. :) Tissue paper is great for awkward shapes.

  7. Susan Seaman says:

    i work on a flat surface ie a table and cut the tape before i start and stick it on the edge of table so its always at hand ready cut.

  8. Barrie Phillips says:

    Very useful prize with Christmas coming soon.

  9. Claire Tromans says:

    I make everyone but me do it! I’m useless…

  10. Iain Riddle says:

    One of the handiest devices for wrapping.

  11. lucy bower says:

    To keep up the excitement and prolong the suspence, I make the actual present a surprise! I wrap a toy or model-size version or accessory of the present and attach a note that gives clues to the location of the real thing

  12. Lorraine Grocott says:

    I keep the tubes from kitchen towel rolls and cut them to size to make a christmas cracker for smaller items like lipstick mascara etc .Simply wrap left over pieces of wrapping paper around tube leave some at each end and tie with parcel ribbon.

  13. nicci cowdell-murray says:

    Make sure you have everything to hand before starting , there is nothing worse than starting to wrap and finding out you havent got your scissors or tape @chanson2010

  14. Collect ribbon throughout the year & use it to decorate your presents.

  15. Dee Williamson says:

    The best wrapping tip, is to make sure you have everything prepared and all of your ‘equipment’ to hand!

  16. Leah Wheatley says:

    Make sure you have everything to hand so you are not finger and thumbs

  17. Mel K says:

    I’m afraid a don’t have any tips as I’m a bit rubbih a wrapping, maybe these pop ups would help as I always loose the end of the sellotape

  18. Brigitte Leprince says:

    I collect things during the rest of the year ie bows, ribbons and bells from bunnies etc. which help me to make my presents a little bit different than most. I also attach things like chocolate lollies or maybe small toys from my kinder eggs. I always use good quality paper & tape too!

  19. Holly Boyd says:

    I always fold the end of the wrapping paper to make a nice neat join.

  20. Susie M says:

    Keep a supply of gift bags handy for when you run short on time to wrap things up prettily and neatly. Gift bags take seconds!

  21. angela sandhu says:

    I always try and make my presents look funky with lots of ribbons etc

  22. Peter Hopkins says:

    Just get everything ready around you and lock yourself away in a room for an hour, unless its xmas then its a week!

  23. Cheryll H says:

    Make sure you have enough tape! Happens to me evey year – I get ready start wrapping and half way through I run out! So frustrating and yet I don’t seem to learn :)

  24. Solange says:

    Get someone else to do it!

  25. Sally Carter says:

    Put small items in an inner cardboard from a loo roll and then wrap like a cracker.

  26. Denise Cop says:

    My best wrapping tip is where possible use the professional service offered in the shops :) if that fails then ribbon and bows make even the most awkward shaped gift look good oh and a gift bag

  27. Farhana Haque says:

    Using bows and ribbons to hide scruffy wrapping. I also let my toddler leave her mark on them by letting her draw on them to personalise the gifts.

  28. anna says:

    take your time and add extra bows and ribbons to make it pretty, or buy character wrapping paper for kids which you know they will like

  29. Cheryl Morris says:

    I use small fabric flowers to trim presents (you tend to get them on toiletry gift sets, or you can buy artificial flowers from a florist and cut them into tiny sections. For men (who don’t usually findthe flowers appealing) I use brown paper and after sealing with sellotape I tie string around them and seal the knot with red sealing wax. Cheap and effective!

  30. Jayne Bojang says:

    I offer to do some cooking while someone else assists with the wrapping

  31. hannah oneill says:

    Cut the tape before you start, make sure you use enough paper and wrap awkward items in tissue paper

  32. ClairejB says:

    I must admit I’m not very good at wrapping up presents, it usually ends up looking a right mess! Rather than try to use wrapping paper and get cross with myself for making a pigs ear of it, I like to keep and re-use giftbags and add ribbons/decorations to the outside of the bag. I usually then use tissue paper to wrap the presents inside (less fiddly than wrapping paper I find!) and add a pretty homemade gift tag and…voila!

  33. Alison Thompson says:

    My first tip is try wrapping the paper round the object first to judge where the join will be, then line the join up with the edge of the object so it is less noticeable. Secondly cut the paper to size so you don’t end up having too much to fold in at each end which looks messy.

  34. Nikki says:

    My tip…get your other half to do it!
    Failing that save boxes to put difficult shaped items in, it’s so much easier and quicker to wrap a box and can be made to look much neater too!

  35. Ruth Tesdale says:

    Cup the paper to size and not too big and don’t skimp on the tape

  36. Karen Colquhoun says:

    i get my husband to do most of it as he is better!!

    Other than that measure you paper before cutting and have a tape dispenser!

  37. Jo Kelly says:

    Always wrap upside down. That way the present is facing upward when they open it. My best tip tho is to get the other half to do it. My hubby has far more patience then me & is actually a lot neater. I add the bows on at the end tho ;)

  38. Andrea Jefferson says:

    Get someone else to do it.LOL

  39. Jenny Rogers says:

    Use ribbons and bows to decorate/hide wonky bits.

  40. Emma Smith says:

    Always cut the paper to size – if there’s too much paper it will make it difficult

  41. Emma Cella says:

    Measure the wrapping paper, before cutting it. I know its Christmas and you’re in a hurry, but you need to take time to measure your wrapping paper before cutting it. If you don’t, you may end up with the paper being too short or way too long. To easily measure your wrapping paper, sit the Christmas present on the wrapping paper, you’ve rolled out. Pull the wrapping around the present and then cut the paper. This ensures that your paper is the proper length and will look perfect on the Christmas gift.

  42. alison culverhouse says:

    If the gift is an unusual shape, put it in a box before wrapping it. Also, get someone else to help with holding the bits you are trying to stick. If I try to do the holding and stickiing without help, everything ends up looking like a parcel that`s been wrapped in the fish and chip shop!

  43. goodlife says:

    Clue 2 – A word defined, ‘to set alight or start to burn’ – you’ll be carrying a library with you wherever you go!

  44. Maria Jane Knight says:

    I really love wrapping christmas presents! its the best part of the whole gift experience for me! (im sad!!)

    We make gift tags from last years christmas cards and i too have had my little boy make wrapping paper by painting brown paper and also using potatos cut into shapes. But the cookie cutter idea is brilliant! I might borrow that idea myself :)

  45. Rachel Blackburn says:

    I tend to buy a lot of gift bags and jazz them up with ribbons. that way odd shaped presents don’t pose a problem

  46. Paul Witney says:

    Always work on a flat surface and have everything you need to hand.

  47. Cath says:

    I use squares of fabric rather than wrapping paper. I cut the fabric into a circle and then place the gift in the centre and gather the fabric at the top and fasten with an elastic band. I then tie ribbon to hide the elastic band. The fabric can then be used again so it is eco friendly too!

  48. Nicole says:

    Mix contrasting textures while wrapping, like multiple ribbons!

  49. Joanne Tillin says:

    Give yourself lots of space and a flat surface

  50. jo smith says:

    Always cut the selotape before you start, makes life much easier.

  51. Emma Hart says:

    If you use sticky dots or double sided tape under the part of paper you want to stick it keeps the present looking neat with no visible tape ;-)

  52. Claire says:

    Cut paper to size

  53. becky fahy says:

    I use lots of ribbons and bows to hide my rubbish wrapping skills

  54. Jennifer Dyson says:

    avoid metallic wrapping paper as it doesn’t fold over well and celotape struggles to stick!

  55. goodlife says:

    Another clue for you to WIN

    In Greek mythology, the first women on earth – she comes with charms, but whatever you do, don’t open her box!

  56. goodlife says:

    Your next clue! “Cheltenham _____ or Leamington _____ – it’s sure to be a day of pampering; leaving you relaxed and revitalised!”

  57. goodlife says:

    And here is another clue: ‘At the gym, going for a run, or a frequent traveller – the perfect mix of sound and style – made for music lovers!’

  58. goodlife says:

    Clue of the week: Comes in a wicker basket and promises to be full of festive treats!

  59. goodlife says:

    Next clue An essential for keeping the kids occupied whilst on those long car journeys!

  60. goodlife says:

    Final clue If you got a new iPod for Christmas, you’ll be needing one of these as an alternative to headphones!

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