Time To Get Those Photos out…

… I don’t know about you, but I spend most of my year taking literally 100s of photos of my children and family. With the age of the digital camera it is so easy to take lots and lots of great pictures. What I am less good at, is actually “doing” something with them. I take them. I download them. Then I store them on my computer. Done.

My mother in law is VERY good at regularly printing photos off and putting them in photo frames or updating her photo albums. I need to get better at this!

This time of year, I think is is a LOVELY opportunity to make Photo Calendars for 2013, either pick your favourite 12 photos of the year (I love taking one from each month.. so that when you browse the year, you actually get the right seasons in the photos too) or make a collage of photos for each month. Both a great way to enjoy photos from the year before. I also like to see quite how much the children have changed year on year. It amazes me how quickly they grow!

I also have a tradition  of creating a photobook for each of the children each year. I have to confess, this year I am a little behind with it, but I have already selected which photos to use, now I just have to upload them and make the book. I always try and get lots of photos in of people we love – Grandparents, (ourselves) as well as friends, so that it is a lovely reminder of the years gone by. The ones I have made to date, are much thumbed and much loved. And as they are all stored online, I can print off another copy whenever it takes my fancy. Perfect.

Check out our little Advent Calendar we made – another great way to use photos in a Christmas gift. Or get the kids to paint a frame and put in your favourite image as a lovely present made by kids.

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  1. What a lovely idea – I might just get my act together and do one of these for my Mum, with a selection of our wedding photos from earlier this year! She’s been nagging me, wonder if I can get that by Friday for her birthday?! :) thanks for the prompt x

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